Community Regional Medical Center Volunteer



As a junior and senior in the Health Institute program I was given the opportunity to do volunteer work at our local hospital. While being a volunteer in the hospital, I've worked in a variety of different branches in the hospital. Being a volunteer as a junior, I had the chance to work in the Volunteer Pool, Women and Children's Clinic, and the Endoscopy Office at the CRMC. During my last and final year before graduation, I was been able to have a very interesting experience in the Trauma Center, better known as the OR. With the little time volunteering at our community hospital, I have:

  • Watched surgeries

  •  Discharged and transported patients

  • Stocked rooms and cabinets

  • Changed beds

  • and have made flower and lab deliveries
























ROP Health Institute



Health Institute is one of the programs that is offered here at Washington Union inbetween of many others like Criminology and AVID. I have been involved in Health Institute for 3 years and it has been a great experience. Through out the years this program has helped me and given me the opportunity to explore different professional careers in the medical field. Not only did Health Institute allow me to learn of the many different careers in the medical field, but it also allowed me to have an actual feel of what it's like to work in a hospital. Both Health Institute and Sports Medicine have taught me the proper training and helped me get CPR Certified. 




























CPR Certified

First Aid Certified

Washington Union High School



I am currently a senior at Washington Union who will soon be graduating on June 2016. During my 4 years in high school i have completed courses that will benifit my future in the medical field, for example:

  • Health & Fitness

  • Health Science Education (Health Institute)

  • Chemistry and Chemistry AP

  • Biology Honors and Agricultural Biology

  • Sports Medicine 

  • Spanish 3 Medicine

  • Scientific Writing

  • and Human Anatomy


Future Fresno State Graduate


During college applications I applied for the California State University in Fresno and was granted admission into their campus for the Fall semester in 2016. But I have recently decided to decline their admissions and attend Fresno City College then transferring into Fresno State after completing my General ED.

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